Best Described As:  Get it done girl, smart, big heart and full of love!

Favorite Hair Product(s):

Shampoo & Conditioner: PureOlogy Strength Cure

Favorite App: Google Maps

Describe Your Personal Style: Business Casual, Comfortable

My Guilty Pleasure: Wine, Cheese, Pedicures

I Can't Live Without: Flushing toilets, Running water and Coffee cream

When I'm Not in the Salon: I am at one of my other jobs!

My Specialty is: Back Office

What's in my Travel Bag: Mirabella Eye Makeup Remover, Mirabella Lipstick and a Teletie!

Favorite Restaurant: Cajun Queen

Favorite Coffee: Cafe Bustelo

Favorite thing about working at Salon Naman/Why I love it: Positivity