Favorite Music/Band: 
I'll listen to anything! Just depends on the day.

Favorite Hair Products:
I love Pureology's NanoWorks Shampoo, Redken's All Soft Heavy Cream, and Hydramelt!

Favorite Things:
My puppies, my people, yoga classes, and La Croix

Favorite App:
Instagram, Pinterest

Favorite Hashtag:
#shopthelook #naoleighboutique #salonnamn #nlbootd #shoplocal

Personality Style:
A nice mix of trendy and classic. I love layering simple jewelry too!

What Celebrity Has Great Hair?
Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Hale

What Inspires Your Creativity?
Nature, people watching, exploring, new styles and new places.

My Guilty Pleasure:
Bougie coffees

I Can't Live Without:
Afternoon coffees

When I'm Not At The Salon:
I'm at the Boutique or finding new coffee shops.