Chris (Naman)

Best Described As:

A Leader, Reliable, Resourceful

Favorite Band/ Music:

I love all types of music. To define my choice in music would limit my diversity.

Favorite Hair Products:

Styling - Guts 10, Mess Around 10 & Satinwear 02

Men's - Get Groomed & High Up

Shampoo & Conditioner - Color Extend Magnetics & Frizz Dismiss

Favorite Things:

Guitar, Biking, Kayaking, The Beach, Family & Friends

Favorite Hashtag:


Certificates and Titles:

Redken Educator, Certified Colorist as well as many other advanced certifications from Redken NYC

Describe Your Personal Style:

Modern, Evolving, Professional! I believe it is my role to know and be a part of the fashion as a whole. To look the part is to be the part!


Fashion is my inspiration. I source it from the runways and magazines to the internet. I believe hairdressers are fashion stylists.

My Guilty Pleasure:

Guitar! I spend a lot of time with those six strings.

I do hair because:

I was born into this industry. I have done this my entire life and my life has prepared me to do this well.

When I am not at the Salon:

I spend time with my family; my daughter Charleigh, my son Naman and my lovely wife, Amy. I teach classes to Salons upgrading their techniques with new trends. I also work backstage with models for various shows.

Favorite App:

Youtube! I find so many funny videos. If I need a laugh it is always my source for a smile!

Specialties/ In A Word:

Customization! It's very important to me that each look is a custom look for the guests of my Salon. A look that reflects their individuality and their character. The cuts & colors we create have a specific role; to express ones personality through visual beauty.

I can't live without:

Music ~ I love all types. Music excites the soul and ignites creativity. Here at the Salon our music is high energy "Perfect."