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The Biggest Haircut Trends for Fall 2021 – Part 1

October 01, 2021

Looking for a new hairstyle? Fall is a great time for anew haircutthat will not only look great with all your fall outfits, but will also show off your individual style. Today, we’re looking at some of the layered cuts that we’re going to see everywhere this season, as well as the fringe that sets of the style – bangs!

Bangs. We’re thrilled that bangs are at the top of the haircut trend list for fall because they’re an easy way to give you a completely different look. That’s because they change the way your hair frames your face, creating new interesting lines and showcasing some of your best facial features.

  • Curl bangs. It’s a myth that only people with straight hair can have bangs. The truth is that naturally, curly hair is a great backdrop for custom looks that work with your own natural curl pattern. If you’ve resisted bangs because you think they won’t work for you, try again this season!

  • Grown-out fringe to frame the cheeks. Born from the huge curtain bang trend (which is still happening this season), the grown-out fringe look gives you that feathered-back style right at the cheekbone.

  • Mini-bangs. This version is a blunt cut bang that frames the top of the face for a fun, edgy look.

  • Curtain bangs Yes, curtain bangs have been trending all year and they’re still huge. This sexy, soft look parts in the center and leaves long, romantic layers framing the face for a beautiful style.

Layers. While some seasons have seen a demand for straight, blunt-cut hair, this fall we’ll be seeing a lot more texturizing and dimension-adding layers.

  • Soft, subtle layers. If you love your long hair and can’t bear to lose an inch, but you still want a new style, soft, subtle layers are the way to go. They’ll give you that texture boost you need for a whole new look for your hair.

  • Face-framing contoured layers. Part of what makes a great haircut is the way it frames your face, jutting in and feathering out just at the right points to highlight your best facial features. The talented stylists at Salon Naman can create a custom look for you with face-framing, contoured layers that give you the perfect new look.

The Shag. Along the same lines as the layered cut trends, shag haircuts bring the best of the 70s, 80s, and 90s together in a look that’s updated for a modern style.

  • Retro shag cut. The traditional look of a shag is a retro cut, with tons of shaggy texture that gives you a relaxed, cool vibe that goes with any outfit.

  • Blended shag. This updated style is a bit more muted, with a seamless blend of layers for an easy-to-wear style.

  • Volume shag with curls. This high-volume haircut lets your Salon Naman stylist use his or her best superpowers to customize a cut for your specific texture. The result is plenty of textured curls for a high-volume look. Another version of this is the Curly shag, a long cut that optimizes your natural curls for a customized look.

As you can see, layers are at the top of the trends charts this fall. Never tried a shag or a layered cut before? It’s easy to pull off a great style with a little help from your expert stylists at Salon Naman. We’ll teach you how to style your new cut at home with professional products from salon-trusted brands like Redken®, Kerastase®, Baxter®, and more. We’ll show you some fun blow-drying, air drying, diffusing, and other styling tips that’ll help your new look appear salon-fresh every day! Next time, we’ll show you even more shag styles as well as the popular bob, which is also trending high this season.

Ready for a new haircut for fall? Make your appointment today at Salon Naman and let our team of expert stylists help you get the look you’ve been wanting all year! Our talented stylists create cuts that work with your own hair’s texture so that you’ll love the results. You can find us at 1445 Riverchase Blvd. Suite 104 in Rock Hill, SC. Schedule your haircut appointment online or call (803) 327-9242 to book your haircut appointment. And to get the professional home hair care products you need for your new look, order from our online store for quick delivery or pick-up!