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Why Salon Naman is the Best Choice for Expert Hair Services

September 01, 2021

Great haircuts. Great hair coloring. Great treatments. At Salon Naman, we offer all that and more. We’re a group of professionals who take pride in our craft and care about what we do, providing you the best hair services for a style you’ll love every day! We’re proud of our Tribe’s commitment to excellence and dedication to growing through education. Excellence does not come easy; it is the result of hard work and dedication that makes ordinary students into extraordinary individuals!



How our commitment to education elevates our Guest Experience...


Excellence in Training to Deliver the Best Hair Services:

Salon Naman has an excellent group of Stylists and Color Specialists. We believe that personal dedication and passion for our work equates to a memorable salon experience for you. Our commitment to excellence and dedication in our Stylist’s and Colorist’s educational pursuits is the reason why we are the best in the business. We are committed to providing you with the best - every Salon Professional has been carefully hand-picked and trained. Our unique proprietary training program guarantees a high level of skill and style among all our Licensed Professionals so we can deliver the best hair services for you!


Individual Team Member Training for High-Quality Services:

Salon Naman provides top-tier education for all of its Team Members. Many others have graduated from Redken’s® exclusive training programs like the Pillar Program, the Hair Color Authority Program. Several of our expert Stylists have also trained under the best Artists in the World at the Redken® Exchange in New York City.


Prestigious Expert Certifications:

For Salon Professionals who possess exceptional skill and true passion for their craft are recognized all over the United States as the BEST of the BEST Hair Colorist!

We would like to share that four of our Stylists are recognized for their hair color expertise, commitment to excellence, and are respected and recognized as Redken® Certified Hair Colorists across the United States! They have taken their career to the next level in the professional salon industry by becoming a Hair Color Expert. This takes extreme commitment and dedication.  For our Stylists to be eligible to take the certification exam, each of them had to graduate from the Redken’s® Specialist and Hair Color Authority programs first.

We are PROUD to announce that four members of our team are Redken® Certified Hair Colorists: Chris, Ashley, Lacey, and Brittany! They completed the exam and passed with flying colors. Becoming a Redken® Hair Color Certified Stylist requires passing a three-part written and practical exam and achieving a passing score on exams that assessed their technical skills, scientific knowledge of the brand’s products, knowledge of principles and hair color processes, and understanding the approach to creating specific outcomes, even on the most challenging of hair color cases. 


The difference between regular hair color and expert hair color services from Salon Naman is the same as comparing a golf cart to a Lamborghini. Our friendly, expertly trained Tribe will ensure that you’ll never leave our salon looking less than perfect. There’s never been a better time to get the vibrant hair color or amazing new style you’ve been dreaming about! Our highly trained experts at Salon Naman are ready to help you achieve your hair goals! 


Make your reservation TODAY at Salon Naman and let our team of highly trained, experienced Stylists and Colorists help you find the perfect look for you!

Whether it’s a vibrant new hair color, a stunning new style, or a haircut designed to work with your own hair’s type and texture, you’ll love the results you get from the professionals at Salon Naman.

You can find us at 1445 Riverchase Blvd. Suite 104 in Rock Hill, SC. Schedule your hair services appointment online or call (803) 327-9242 to schedule your Upscale. Luxurious. Modern. reservation!