Lacey Phifer

Years at SN: 9

Hey! I have been in this industry for a long time (18 years)! When I started out, I tried booth rent and other avenues and just wasn't having success as a stylist. Then I came to Salon Naman and everything changed! I have been skyrocketing in my career and personal life since joining Salon Naman! I love having the opportunity to lead and grow hairstylists into a sustainable, beautiful career. 

Amy Naoum

Years at SN: 16

Hi!  I am grateful to be a co-owner of SN!  I serve as the salon company coordinator (to keep all of the departments of this big ship propelling forward)!
My greatest satisfaction in my position is being part of all the personal and professional WINS of our tribe!

Brittany Dover

Years at SN: 9

Hello!  I love being a SN Trainer! It is super amazing to watch a stylist come into our company and grow personally and professionally more than they ever thought was possible!  I am so grateful that I get to be on this journey!

Ashley VanVoorhis

Years at SN: 14

Hi! I am so honored to say I’ve been with Salon Naman for 13 years and have loved it every step of the way! I most enjoy doing is helping the Jr. Stylist develop a sustainable career though our Jr. Stylist program.  Watching the growth journey day after day from my efforts of “passing it on” feeds my soul!  

Heather Williams

Years at SN: 6

Hello! I am honored to be a part of the Salon Naman Leadership Team!  I have been with Salon Naman for 4 years and a part of the Leadership Team for a year. Before becoming a stylist I was an art teacher for 8 years.  After losing joy in my previous career, I decided to attend cosmetology school. After graduating cosmetology school, I came to Salon Naman. I was looking for a place where I could continue learning and growing, as well as a place that gives back to the community.  I found all of that in Salon Naman!  I am grateful and excited to be a part of the Leadership Team where I can help grow our other team members, our Salon Company, and our community!  

Chris Naoum


Chris Naoum 

Abby Phillips


Hello Hello!
I am so lucky & grateful I get to serve our Tribe and Guests on the SN Leadership Team!
4 and a half years ago I started at our sister company, Nao Leigh Boutique, and fell in love. I fell in love with Nao Leigh's Mission, being a good teammate, creating content, and bettering my personal and professional best. After attending our Human Trafficking Awareness Event, 3 trips to Atlanta Market, and having a part in carrying out Nao Leigh's 2019 CN2 Commercial Shoot, I wanted MORE!
At Nao Leigh, I had the opportunity to experience something larger than myself and quickly wanted to know more about Salon Naman. Salon Naman gave me the opportunity to continue to grow in content creation and in a totally new skillset of Leadership. Today, I serve as Salon Naman's Jr. Salon Coordinator - A position I continue to learn, grow, serve, create, and have a "how did I get so lucky" moment every day in. 
My greatest joy is getting to be a cheerleader for our Tribe & Company and having the opportunity to serve our Guests and Community with Good Vibes and Happy Hair!